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How to Activate or Deactivate Ncell Data Plans and other Services



Ncell Private Limited (एनसेल) is a Nepalese mobile service provider. Ncell provides us very useful services and data plans in order to carry out our daily workload and for entertainment purposes also.

There are many services of Ncell which can be activated just with a simple few steps. Many of us know how to activate the services but don’t know how to deactivate those services. So, in this article, we will provide you some useful instructions about how to activate and deactivate the Ncell data plans and services.

Ncell Mobile Data Package and their Price

With Ncell you can enjoy a variety of data packs on both 3G and 4G. Ncell provides us different data plans like daily data plan, weekly data plan, monthly data plan. Below are some of the data package offers and the method to activate or deactivate those packages.

Ncell data packs

Dial *17123# to buy Ncell data pack

**You can activate the below-mentioned packs for one time or also can activate the auto-renewable packs.**

How to deactivate auto-renewable daily data plans?

To deactivate 1 days packs

  • Type 6 MB D and send SMS to 17123
  • Type 12 MB D and send SMS to 17123
  • Type 18 MB D and send SMS to 17123
  • Type 40 MB D and send SMS to 17123
Validity Price excluding
taxes (Rs.)
Price including
government taxes (Rs.)
Volume –
Volume –
Volume –
Total Volume
1 day 9            11.49  35MB  35MB 35MB 105 MB
1 day 15            19.15 75MB 75MB 75MB 225 MB
3 day 29            37.03  120MB  120MB  120MB 360 MB
3 day 35            44.69 200MB 200MB 200MB 600 MB
7 day 69            88.11  300MB  300MB  300MB 900 MB
7 day 75            95.77 500MB 500MB 500MB 1500 MB
30 day 269         343.49  1300MB  1300MB  1300MB 3900 MB
30 day 355         453.30 3GB 3GB 3GB 9GB

**You can also download the Ncell app from for easier activation and deactivation.**

Ncell Mero Plan Weekly

Dial *17123*5# to buy mero plan weekly. This plan is auto-renewable.

In order to deactivate, Type D in the message box and send it to 302.

Pack price (per week) Pack prices (per week including tax) Available Data Free YouTube Total Volume Ncell to Ncell call rates (per minute) Ncell to Ncell call rates (per minute including taxes)
Rs. 75 Rs. 95.77 2 GB 2 GB Re. 1 Rs. 1.28
Rs. 150 Rs. 191.54 4 GB 2 GB 6 GB Re. 1 Rs. 1.28

Ncell Mero Plan Monthly

Dial *17123*6# to buy mero plan weekly. This plan is auto-renewable.

In order to deactivate, Type D in the message box and send it to 302.

Pack price (per month) Pack prices (per month including tax) Available Data Free YouTube Total Volume Ncell to Ncell call rates (per minute) Ncell to Ncell call rates (per minute including taxes)
Rs. 199 Rs. 254.10 1 GB 1 GB 2 GB Re. 1 Rs. 1.28
Rs. 299 Rs. 381.79 3 GB 3 GB 6 GB Rs. 0.90 Rs. 1.15
Rs. 499 Rs. 637.17 6 GB 6 GB 12 GB Rs. 0.80 Rs. 1.02
Rs. 799 Rs. 1020.24 15 GB 15 GB 30 GB Rs. 0.70 Rs. 0.89
Rs. 999 Rs. 1275.62 25 GB 25 GB 50 GB Rs. 0.50 Rs. 0.64

Ncell Daily Services

Ncell provides you different daily services that you can use daily at the cost of Rs.2.00+0.55(taxes). You can now subscribe to different services, such as daily zodiacs, love quotes, jokes, and interesting facts, and get content every day on your smartphone.

How to subscribe to Ncell daily services?

You can choose your daily services by dialing *8888# or by sending a message in 8888


To subscribe to Amazing Facts: Type SUBDAF and send it to 8888.

To unsubscribe to Amazing Facts: Type UNSUBDAF and send it to 8888.

Some Facebook Queries from the Ncell Customers

  • Question- how to deactivate auto-renewable activation of daily data pack?
  • Answer- Please dial *17123# and deactivate the data package that you have subscribed.
  • Question- Help me to deactivate 40 MB daily heavy data pack
  • Answer- Please follow the following procedure to deactivate data pack:-Type 40 MB D and send it to 17123.
  • Question- How to deactivate Facebook daily pack?
  • Answer- To Deactivate Facebook daily recurring pack, type RD and send it to 17115.
  • Question- I have subscribed Ncell games club daily how to disable it…it is auto-renewable
  • Answer- If you have activated recurring Games Club Daily product then please type STOP GC and send it to 17138 to deactivate it.
  • Question- How To deactivate lifestyle Portal?
  • Answer- Please type Stop and send SMS to 17140 to deactivate.
  • Question- how to deactivate auto-renewal funstore?
  • Answer- Please type UNSUB and send SMS to 17140 to deactivate.
  • Question- How to deactivate a daily football pack?
  • Answer- To unsubscribe Football Pack please type UNSUBDFBALL and send SMS to 8888.
  • Question-How to deactivate video plus 3-day renewal service?
  • Answer- Please type STOP VP and send SMS to 17150 to deactivate Video Plus Service.

Latest Ncell Offer:

घर बसी बसी रमाऔं मोबाइलमा हेर्दै टि.भी.। अब रमाइला कार्यक्रमहरुको मज्जा LIVE! Prabhu TV app डाउनलोड गर्नुहोस् अनि एनसेल नम्बरबाट लग-इन गरि बैशाख २५ गतेसम्म नि:शुल्क सुविधा पाउनुहोस्। थप जानकारी तथा अन्य सेवाहरु मा।


Preview of the Clock app on macOS Ventura: Right on time




Each year, the new major version of macOS is enriched with applications from iOS. macOS Monterey won Shortcuts, macOS Ventura welcomes Weather and Clock. These two applications have been brought through Catalyst , the gateway between the iPad and the Mac. We won’t come back to the Mac version of Weather that we already presented in a previous article , or just to say that it is complete and pleasant to use.

The Clock app on macOS Ventura

If you know the iPad’s Clock app, you know the Mac’s “new” Clock app. The two versions are identical, except for a few details. The interface has been slightly adapted for the big screen and the mouse of the Mac: the tabs are not at the bottom of the window, but at the top. There is no “Edit” button in the Clocks and Alarm sections, you have to hover over the saved clocks and alarms to reveal a small cross allowing them to be deleted (or make a secondary click on the clock). A few other interface elements have been tweaked with Catalyst to look more natural on the Mac.

The application has not yet been fully translated in this first beta

As on iPad, the application icon in the Dock is dynamic, it displays the real time. On the other hand, it lacks the second hand. Maybe it will come in an upcoming beta.

Apple has made a small effort to integrate with macOS. When you activate a timer, the countdown is displayed in the menu bar.

Actions are available in Shortcuts to automatically trigger certain features based on other apps or various actions. This compatibility with Shortcuts allows an interesting integration to its workflow.

Finally, you can ask Siri to create timers and alarms. You can also go through the voice assistant to know the time in a city at the end of the world.

The Clock app on macOS Ventura is therefore no surprise and should suit you if you are satisfied with its mobile version. Apple could make it more attractive (an additional light theme, several simultaneous timers…), but this criticism is not specific to this Mac version.

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How To

How to change the password of the Outlook account or reset it?




Microsoft Outlook, a personal information manager from Microsoft, is available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. It is a task management application available on the latest version of Microsoft office.

It is used by different professionals all around the whole world. Mainly the business persons used this app. So different confidential data, documents, and emails must be safe. To keep safe, it is important to change the password regularly.

How to change the password of Outlook account or reset it?

The steps are taken for changing the password:

  • Open the Outlook on your browser.
  • Sign in to your account.
  • Now, click on the icon which is top right corner,
  • Click on your account,
  • Now, Click on the security,
  • Click on the password security
  • Now, finally, change the password and click save.

If you have changed passwords, it’s fine, But, if you want to reset the password, then you have to follow the following steps.

Steps to reset the password:

  • Firstly, open the outlook on your smartphone,
  • Click on the forgot password,
  • Now, verify your account,
  • Then, follow the instructions.

This is how you can change or reset the password of your outlook account.

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How to download Apps and Install from Playstore?




There are very simple steps behind the play store app download and install process. It will take you just 2 minutes to learn these simple steps. The Google Play Store has millions of apps and games that you can access to your Android device. It also provides things like movies, books, and music, but not all of them are available in all countries.

How to Download Play Store

  • Go to Google Chrome.
  • Search for the google play store download.
  • Download the latest version of the play store.

Requirement for opening play store

  • Play Store is available for android phones only.
  • In order to get the facility of the play store. You need a Gmail account. After inserting your Gmail detail to the play store, you can use the services of the play store.

How to Download Apps From Playstore

  • Search for play store on your home screen.
  • Type the name of the app that you want to download in the search box.
  • Click on the install button of the app.

In Playstore all the apps and games are not for free. There are some paid apps and games also. If you are looking to purchase those paid items then you can add your credit card detail as well. The steps for adding a credit card to your play store is given below:

  • Click the menu icon that is placed on the left side of the search box.
  • Then Click on the payment method.
  • After that, you can add your credit card detail.

App Security Permission For Unknown Sources

There are two different ways from which you can enable or disable the permission for unknown sources download option.

Before Android One:

  • Go to the device setting.
  • Click on the setting option or privacy setting or application setting.
  • In one of the options, you will see the unknown sources option. You just need to disable that option.

After Android One:

  • Start the installation with a file browser or via the web browser.
  • Android should inform you the App is not allowed to install APKs. In that prompt, click on the Settings button.
  • Tick the box that lets the App install APKs in the next row.
  • Hit the back button to return to your installation.
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