How many celebrities and artists have worked in as many categories of entertainment as Cher? How many of them have adopted the numerous varieties of styles as Cher has done in her long career? Not many. Cher, who started off her successful and inspiring career with the folk-rock duo “I Got You Babe,” went on to establish herself as a singer, actress, television celebrity, theatre artist, philanthropist, and activist. Whoa! Cher has been laden with awards and honors galore, including a Grammy Award and an Academy Award. And above all, she is one of the best-selling music artists of all time.

Want to know more about Cher, the versatile artist, and the fashion trendsetter? Do you wonder about the journey of the woman whose singles topped and hit the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 many times? Then come let’s find out about Cher’s incredible life as an artist and shed some light on her current net worth in 2018.

Biography & Wiki

Cher Net Worth 2022

Real Name/Full NameCherilyn Sarkisian
Age72 years, Born on 20 May 1946
Height5ft 6 ¼ (168.3 cm)
HusbandGregg Allman (m. 1975–1979), Sonny Bono (m. 1964–1975)
ChildrenChaz Bono, Elijah Blue Allman
Net Worth$350 Million
Source of WealthActress, Singer

Cher was born on May 20, 1946, as Cherilyn Sarkisian to John Sarkisian, a truck driver with drugs and gambling problems and Georgia Holt, a part-time model. Her parents had an unstable relationship, and later, they divorced. Her mother married and remarried several times after that. Always in financial troubles, her mother played small roles in television and also worked as a waitress. Holt also found work for Cher and her step-sister in these side roles. After Cher’s mother married the bank manager Gilbert LaPiere, who adopted her, money troubles came to an end for her, and she was enrolled into a high-class school. There, she realized her love for becoming famous. In her adult life, Cher found out that she was dyslexic.

Cher Personal Life: Affair, Boyfriend, Married, Husband, Children & Family

Cher’s mother later married actor John Southall. Their relationship ended, but Cher always considered him to be her father. There was a time when Cher’s mother left her at an orphanage.

In 1969, Cher married Sonny Bono with whom she recorded “I Got You Babe”. They divorced in 1975, and Cher had several troubles restarting her career and tried a hand at modeling. In 1975 she married the American singer-songwriter, Greg Allman. She had two children, one from each marriage― Chaz Bono and Elijah Blue Allman.

Professional Career

After the husband-wife duo hit the charts, Cher’s career as a singer got established. By 1967, Cher and her husband Sonny Bono sold 40 million records worldwide. Her solo career started with the song “Bang Bang” (My Baby Shot Me Down) in 1966. It became a hit again. Cher began her television career in the 1970s, with shows like “The Sonny and Cher Comedy hour” and “Cher”. Her solo albums topped the U.S. Billboard many times. She also became a Broadway actress with the play, “Come Back to The Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean.” Cher also established herself as an actress with movies like “Silkwood” and “Mask”. Also called by the media as the Goddess of Pop, Cher recorded albums which made substantial commercial successes of the time.

On Awards and Achievements:

Cher won the Academy Award for Best Actress for the movie “Moonstruck”. The many awards she has received include Emmy Award, Grammy Award, Golden Globe awards and Cannes Film Festival Award. She has also won a CFDA Fashion Award. Apart from that, she is hailed by the world as the queen of pop, and her music albums are best-selling to the date.

Cher Salary, Net Worth & Earning

The total estimated net worth of Cher as of August 2022 is $350 million. No longer in her prime, Cher’s estimated annual earnings amount to $28 million even today. Imagine what she must have been raking in when she was hailed as one of the top Hollywood actresses. Cher has earned this big a fortune through her long and colorful career in music and acting. Several of her records remain the best-selling music records of all time. Her properties are scattered all around the world, including a villa in Malibu which alone costs around $60 million. Cher’s heart is as big as her bank balance, and she is widely known for her philanthropic efforts.

5 Interesting Facts That You May Not Know About Cher

It has been said that while we may know the person, more often than not, we do not know his/her journey. The same is true about Cher, Goddess of Pop. With a bank balance which is as big as one can imagine, Cher initially started with not a lot. She had struggles in her childhood and young age that people might not know about. Let us take a look at some of the interesting, but quite obscure facts about Cher.

• Cher, though established as a singer, has been an activist equally, giving voice to the cause of LGBT rights and AIDS prevention.

• Cher’s family went through some tremendous financial troubles during her early life. The wealthy singer remembers using rubber bands to keep her battered shoes apiece!

• Cher’s role model was Audrey Hepburn (Who hasn’t watched “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”!). She was almost heartbroken by the fewer numbers of black-haired actresses in Hollywood.

• Cher always created trouble by her ‘breaking-conventions’ behavior. Once she wore a midriff-baring top to school. (Yes, you heard me right.)

• When the television show run by Cher and Sonny Bono gained wide popularity, a toy company called Mego released dolls of Cher and her husband. In 1976, these dolls outsold Barbie!

Cher, though always very unsure about herself, always knew that she would be famous someday; this was her goal in life. And famous she is! This singing diva has been laden with every kind of award and honors all her life. Her songs are not just songs, they are a revolution in themselves and are alive and sung today. An actress and a singer and much more, Cher also is known for her political views, her outstanding fashion trends and her love for social work. She is, indeed the Goddess she is hailed to be.


  1. I have always admired this talented lady. Among the things I have admired were her blazing fashion, and her sense of humor. Many have had difficult beginnings, including myself. Few, and certainly not I, have overcome them with such aplomb. And she is just as beautiful now as when I first saw her. Unless I am mistaken Sonny had pretty much hamstrung her independence. She overcame that and remained fond of him even after their parting of the marital ways. I never heard that Sonny married again.

  2. I have been a life-long fan. Have watched all her movies own them too have most of her albums yes vinyl (old ones) have all her concerts on disk seen her 1st farrwell tour lol and so glad to know there will be another opportunity to see her in 2020 tour. Thank god for Cher although i live in California i am originally from Flint Michigan i really appreciate how she stepped up with their water crisis! Go Cher


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