Who is not familiar with the U2 frontman, Bono? Singer, songwriter, actor, activist, humanitarian— name it, Bono, likely, has done it. He’s a man of all trades who uses his celebrity power and status to make this world a better place.

Born Paul David Hewson, Bono has lived a rather incredible life so far. The immensely talented singer has 22 Grammy awards to his name and has already made his mark in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Twice he’s been named as part of Time’s most influential people’s list. With achievements such as his, Bono is undoubtedly a rockstar, not only on stage but also in life.

Amazed at how a single person can achieve so much in life? Intrigued to know how Paul David Hewson became ‘Bono’? Keep on reading to know more about the sensational rockstar, his origin, his life before and after fame, the creation of ‘U2′, his personal life, his many achievements, and his net worth as of 2021. Also, discover some fun facts about the singer. Quick question, ever saw a photo of Bono without sunglasses? I bet you haven’t. Keep on reading to find out!

Biography & Wiki

Bono Net Worth 2022

Real Name/Full NamePaul David Hewson
Age58 years (2018), Born on 10 May 1960
Height5ft 5 ½ (166.4 cm)
WifeAli Hewson
m. 1982
ChildrenDaughters Jordan (born 10 May 1989) and Memphis Eve (7 July 1991), Sons Elijah Bob Patricius Guggi Q (17 August 1999) and John Abraham (20 May 2001)
Net Worth$850 Million
Source of WealthSinger-Songwriter

Bono was born on 10th May, 1960, in Dublin, the Republic of Ireland. He was raised by Catholic parents, Iris and Brendon Hewson. He went to the Mount Temple Comprehensive School in Dublin, which is where he met his future wife, Alison Stewart. The high school is also the place where he met his bandmates, along with whom he founded “U2”. It was after “U2” was established that he began using the stage name Bono, an epithet given to him by his friends, which means “good voice” in Latin.

Bono Personal Life: Affair, Girlfriend, Married, Wife, Children & family

Bono lost his mother when he was just 14 years old. He believes the death of his mother inspired him to become a rock star. He wrote many U2 songs, like “Out of Control” and “Tomorrow” in his mother’s memory. Bono formed his band at the young age of 16, and after five years he got married on 21st August 1982, to Alison Hewson. The couple has, since then, lived a blessed life and have also given birth to four children, two boys, and two girls.

Professional Career

Initially, “U2” was known as “Feedback.” However, it changed to “Hype” and eventually to “U2”. Bono’s lyrics were mostly based on social and political issues. The band quickly gained recognition with albums like, War, Achtung Baby, All that you can’t leave behind, etc. And in no time, U2 established itself as one of the most successful bands in the world, selling 150 million records worldwide. Besides music, Bono has also proved himself as a successful businessman by being the managing director of Elevation Partners and co-owning. He has also acted in a few movies.

On awards and achievements:

Bono received a Golden Globe award for best original songs in 2003. In 2004, from the government of Chile, he was awarded by Pablo Neruda(an International Presidential Medal of honor). In 2007, Bono was honored by the Queen of England as the Knight Commander of the order of the British Empire. On 11th December, Bono was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize.

Bono Salary, Net Worth & Earning

As of 2021, The total estimated net worth of Bono to date is $850 Million. This massive capital has given Bono a luxurious and comfortable life. He has earned most of his wealth from his band U2. Apart from this he also draws from his business, as the managing director of Elevation Partners and co-owning. Although Bono has never touched the billion mark, there have been several reports in the past hailing him as a billionaire, especially in the wake of the famous Facebook IPO of 2015, which led to a clarification article from Forbes. The article titled “Why U2’s Bono Isn’t A Billionaire” tried to dispel rumors and tracked the last 10 years of U2’s financial success. According to the aforementioned piece that was published in 2015, U2 had amassed almost $500 million over the past 10 years. In fact, Forbes also included U2 in their highest paid musicians list in 2011 for reportedly garnering $195 million in record 12 months with their most successful tour of 2011 called the U2 360° tour.

5 Exciting Facts you should know about Bono

U2 has been ruling the hearts of their audiences since forever now and the band members have been a constant favorite of media outlets and fans alike. Bono is no exception with his charming personality and music talent. Although, his life has always been the subject of much media attention, we have brought you some facts that may have passed unnoticed from your attention.

• In 2004, Bono was given an honorary Doctor of Law degree from the University of Pennsylvania. Let’s call him Dr. Bono now, shall we?

• In 2013, the Time Magazine positioned him at the 8th place on its list of the most influential celebrities. What makes it interesting? Well, he was the only person from the music industry in top 10!

• Bono has been a part owner of Facebook, since 2010!

• In 2016, a women’s Magazine “Glamour” in which sections are only reserved for women named him “Man of the year” breaking their 26-year tradition of showing “women of the year.”

• Bono suffers from glaucoma, resulting in sensitivity to light and that is why he is always seen in sunglasses. So, for all those thinking it was a fashion statement, now you know what it is.

A man whose awards range from Grammies to Golden Globes to Oscars to Nobel Peace Prizes can be nothing less than an inspiration! Bono has proved himself worthy of all that he gets with all the humanitarian work that he does as well as his infectious songs. We hope we see more people like Bono who don’t just aspire to get a celebrity status but also successfully use it to create awareness around the globe and help the ones in need.


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