Vanilla Ice is an actor, a television host but many know him as a rapper. He is acknowledged as the white rapper whoever set his foot on the game big time. He is referred as one of those rappers “one hit wonder” due to notorious 90’s hit song “Ice Ice Baby”.

With all his talents since he is an all rounded entertainment genius, one might wonder how much exactly has this hard work talent assisted in contributing to Vanilla Ice net worth fortune in 2022. Well, Vanilla Ice net worth won’t just be the only thing we shall look at, we shall also reveal a few things you probably don’t know about Vanilla Ice.

Biography & Wiki

Vanilla Ice Net Worth 2022

Robert Matthew Van Winkle hails from Dallas where he was born in 1967. He was raised up by a stepfather and his mother in between Dallas and Miami. When growing up, he used to love poetry, and that was the main reason he went into hip hop. He also used to love breakdancing hence the name “Vanilla”. He attended R.L Turner High School though it was just for a while then he dropped out.

Vanilla Ice Personal Life: Affair, Girlfriend, Married, Wife, Children & Family

Vanilla Ice married Laura Giaritta in 1997, and the two had two daughters, but unfortunately, the wife filed for divorce in 2016 citing “irretrievably broken” as a cause.

Professional Career

Though he started his career by being a dancer and being part of a breakdancing group, The Vanilla Ice Posse performing on the streets. At the age of 16, he released his first track “Ice Ice Baby”. The song in the united states, United Kingdom and Australia has achieved Platinum Certification while in countries such as Canada Germany and Sweden it has already been certified Gold.

In the 1980s Vanilla was into motocross, and here he won three championships. Unfortunately, due to the ankle injury, he gave up on the sport and went back to breakdancing and also became a performer.

He would then work Ultrax after being stabbed five times. Under Ultrax he would open for Stop the Violence Tour, EPMD Stetsasonic among others. In 1989 he released his debut studio album titled To the Extreme. The album did well commercially selling around 15 million copies globally and spending around 16 weeks on top of Billboard 200.

Between 1991 and year 2000 Vanilla Ice released three albums, and one of them was extremely Live which was released in 1991 and was the second studio album for Ice. The album did peak position 30 on Billboard 200. However, critics gave the album a D and named it the most ridiculous album ever released and very awful.

His third release was titled Mind Blowin released in 1994, but it didn’t chart and received very negative reviews. The last album of the 1990s was Hard to Swallow released in 1998 and the same trend of negative reviews and not charting applied to it too.

In between the year 2000 and 2010, Vanilla Ice started making appearances in reality TV programs and among them is Todd Bridges 2002, Hollywood Squares 2003, The Farm, The New Guy and Celebrity Bull Riding Challenge.

He also made some appearance in a number of films such Da Hip Hop Witch 2000, The New Guy 2002; The Heli Loaded 2005, The Bros 2006, Big Money Rustias and The Vanilla Ice Project 2010. He also released three studio albums which were Bi-Polar his fourth studio album released in 2001, Platinum Underground released in 2005 and Vanilla Ice Is Back released in 2008.

His recent endeavors include an album titled W.T.F. (Wisdom, Tenacity And Focus) released in 2011, and making appearances in films such as That’s My Boy 2012, Vanilla Ice Goes Amish 2013, The Ridiculous 6 2015, Celebrity judge at Brother Vs Brother in 2016 and a contestant at Dancing with the Stars in 2016, he has also become a headliner for the worldwide “I Love the 90s Tour”.

Awards & Achievements

On awards and achievements Vanilla Ice has been awarded with 2 American Music Awards, nominated on the Grammy Awards, won 1 People’s Choice Awards, 1 The Factual Entertainment Awards, and one Golden Raspberry Awards.

Vanilla Ice Salary, Net Worth & Earnings

As of August 2022, Vanilla Ice net worth stands at $20 million. The main source of Vanilla Ice net worth fortune is his 1990 album “To the Extreme” that sold over 15 million copies globally. Though his music career sank to the ground, he reinvented himself through reality television shows and making appearances in films.

8 Facts You Need To Know About Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice in the 1990s was famous enough to date Madonna though he is definitely one-hit wonder since all the other albums he released either failed to chart or got extremely negative reviews making him reinvent himself as a television star. Here are a few things you probably didn’t know about Vanilla Ice

1. Vanilla Ice cuts his own hair. Listen to “the beak” lyrics.

2. Ice doesn’t cry. He had never cried not even when he shattered his ankle.

3. He has been stabbed in the butt with a knife when he was just 18.

4. When he was in school, he used to hate formal education and just to be different; he used to wear mismatched sneakers.

5. He loves solving his own problems and hates sharing his problems with others.

6. At one time he used to be known as Vanilla M.C.

7. His first impression on women was looking at their looks.

Vanilla Ice worth in 2020 shows you the reason you shouldn’t give up when one thing doesn’t work in your favor.

Quick Summary

Rеаl Nаmе/Full Nаmе: Robert Matthew Van Winkle

Аgе: 54 Years, Born on 31 October 1967

Неіght: 5 ft 11 in or 180 cm

Gіrlfrіеnd: N/A

Wіfе: Laura Giaritta (m. 1997)

Сhіldrеn: Dusti Rain Van Winkle, KeeLee Breeze Van Winkle

Nеt Wоrth: $20 Million

Ѕоurсе оf Wеаlth: American rapper, actor, and television host


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