“Cash me ousside, howbow dah?”, rings a bell, doesn’t it? Well, how can we forget these words which were transformed into memes and spread over the internet like wildfire, soon after they came out of the mouth of a “Knife-Wielding and car stealing” 13-Year-Old(who loves twerking, btw), Danielle Bregoli?

Danielle Bregoli or Danielle Marie Bregoli-Peskowitz is an American rapper, singer and a famous internet personality. She is professionally known as “Bhad Bhabie” or The “Cash Me Outside” Girl. She became famous after she appeared on an American tabloid talk show “Dr Phil” hosted by Phil McGraw.

Ever wondered how to skyrocket to fame by being an unruly brat? Want to know how success can come your way even when you’re considered a vicious child? Let’s delve more into the “Cash me outside” girl’s life, who rose to fame for being herself, her life after the aforementioned famous words and her net worth as of 2021.

Biography & Wiki

Danielle Bregoli Net Worth 2021

Real Name/Full NameDanielle Peskowitz Bregoli
Age15 years, Born on 26 March 2003
Height5 feet 2 inches
Net Worth$3.5 Million
Source of WealthRapper, YouTuber

Danielle Bregoli was born on 26 March 2003 in the Boynton Beach city of Florida, United States. According to some interviews which Danielle has given till date, she has revealed that in the seventh grade she dropped out of her school. She was taken on to the “Dr Phil” show by her mother who was fed up with her drugs use and dancing on popular kinds of music in sexually provocative manners. She became famous after she openly threatened the audience at the show. She used the phrase “cash me outside, how ‘bout dah?” at the show which later became the viral meme on social media. She used this phrase to get noticed for her other talents.

Danielle Bregoli Personal Life: Affair, Boyfriend, & Family

Danielle Bregoli is born to Barbara Ann Bregoli and Ira Peskowitz (a police officer at the Palm Beach Police Department). A year before Danielle was born, her parents were in a relationship and had not married yet, but soon after Danielle was born, the couple broke up. Danielle continued to live with her mother while her father took responsibility for her financial expenses. She is the single child of her parents but has two stepbrothers from her father’s side. As she is underage, she has not married yet, and in different interviews, she has revealed that she doesn’t even have any boyfriend to date.

Professional Career

On 26 August 2017, Danielle released her first single album titled “These Heaux”. The song was ranked 77 the “Billboard Hot 100” chart, making Danielle the youngest female rapper whose debut song was listed on Billboard chart. After the success of this song, she signed contract to a major record label of America: Atlantic Records.

In September 2017, she remixed two songs titled “Roll-in Peace” of rapper Kadak Black, and “From the D to the A” of Lil Yachty and Tee Grizzley. In the same month, she aired her famous song “Hi Beach” which received 68th rank on the “Billboard Hot 100” chart. The next day, she released her single music video “Whachu Know” which was viewed by more than 3 million people in just 24 hours. In November and December 2017, she released two singles titled “I Got It” and “Mama Don’t Worry (Still Ain’t Dirty)” respectively. In the second song, she can be heard rapping about her past incidents including that of “Dr. Phil” show and asking to forget those incidents.

On 26 March 2018, she celebrated her 15th birthday by releasing a new song titled “Gucci Flip Flops”. In 2017, she was nominated for “MTV Movie & TV Awards” for her Trending phrase “Cash Me Outside How Bow Dat”. On 28 March 2018, she was awarded “US:Gold” certification for her song “Hi Bich”. She has already been nominated for the “Billboard Music Awards” 2018 in the category of “Top Rap Female Artist“, the decision of which is pending now.

Danielle Bregoli: Salary, Net Worth & Earnings

As of 2021, The net worth of Danielle Bregoli to date is $3.5 million. She has earned this wealth by her songs and rap albums and also through performing live shows. The amount may look small for a celebrity, but in actual it’s enormous when seen according to Danielle’s age and her professional career experience.

Some Interesting facts you need to know about Danielle Bregoli:

The words that made Danielle a sensation probably left her mouth as a genuine reaction. However, it did okay for her as Danielle’s face was plastered all over social media, and poof, she was soon a celebrity getting ready to star in her reality series sooner than imagined!

Love her or hate her, she’s not going anywhere for a while. Here are some unbelievable facts about Danielle Bregoli.

• In 2017 after Danielle released her first single “These Heaux”, she became the youngest ever female rapper to appear on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

• While her episode at the “Dr Phil” show was being recorded, she managed to steal a car of one of the crew members.

• After fighting with a female passenger in the “Spirit Airlines“, Danielle and her mother were banned for life by the airlines.

• On the eve of Christmas, she gifted her mother a handsome amount of $65 thousand which insisted her mom to pay her long pending mortgage.

• She has 13.1 million followers on her verified Instagram account “bhadbhabie”.

Danielle Bregoli is a professional rapper but known equally for her controversial incidents. It was her controversial incidents which helped her get fame and subsequently helped her in her rapping career. But according to the lyrics of her song “Mama Don’t Worry (Still Ain’t Dirty)”, it seems that she regrets those incidents and does never want to repeat them. Besides the controversies, her songs are well and are worth listening.


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