50 Cent
50 Cent
Full Name/Real Name/: Curtis James Jackson III
Celebrated Name: 50 Cent
How Old/Age: 47 years old.
Birth Date: 6 July 1975
Birthplace: South Jamaica, New York, United States
How Tall/Height: 1.83 m
Nationality: American
Spouse(s): Never been married before
Children: Sire Jackson, Marquise Jackson
Profession: American rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, television producer, entrepreneur and investor
Net Worth in 2022: $30 Million
Last Updated: August 2022

How much net worth does 50 Cent have in 2022? From a lifestyle of a drug dealer, escaping death by a whisker by surviving nine bullets to one of the finest rappers in the world and in addition, a successful businessman, Curtis James Jackson III or rather 50 Cent is a true representation of rags to riches life story.

His album Get Rich or Die Trying which was among the best top 100 albums of the 2000 leaves the question has 50 Cent net worth reflected the words of the album? Considering in 2007 he was the second richest hip-hop artist and in 2015 was the fifth richest, what’s 50 Cent’s net worth as of 2022? Let’s take a look.

Biography & Wiki

Curtis James Jackson III was the name given to him by the mother when he was born in 1975 in the state of New York. His mother Sabrina who used to be a drug dealer raised him up until he was the age of 8 before meeting her death from a mysterious fire. This incident resulted in Jackson being raised up by his grandmother since the father had also departed. At the age of 11, Jackson began boxing but selling narcotics was his primary activity in school and when he wasn’t training. He was then raised by his grandparents who thought he was in the after-school program yet he was buying guns and drugging money to the school and was expelled in high school for selling crack cocaine.

50 Cent was arrested at Andrews Jackson’s high school after being caught by metal detector where he was forced to reveal to his grandparents that he was a drug dealer. He has since been arrested several times by the police for drug dealing and gun selling. He dropped out of school since he was spending most of his time in jail.

How old and tall is 50 Cent? Age, Height and Weight

50 Cent is 47 years old as of August 2022. His height is 1.83 m tall and has a weight of around 94 kg.

50 Cent Personal Life: Affair, Girlfriend, Married, Wife, Children & Family

Due to his messed-up life, he didn’t settle with a wife; rather he had several relationships. One of his girlfriends Shaniqua Tompkins, gave birth to their son, Marquise Jackson on October 13, 1996. Daphne Joy was the other woman he dated for a while, and in 2012, his second son, Sire Jackson was born.

Professional Career

Unlike many other artists James, did not start his career by rapping as he was drug dealer during 1980’s at a young age of 12. Before that he was a boxer and even had a boxing gym. James began rapping where he used turntables to record at a friend’s basement. His friend introduced him to Jam Master, Jay who taught him how to make records, count bars, and write choruses and structure songs.

His rapping career started in 2000 after releasing his album ‘Guess Who’s Back’ and in 2002 he was discovered by Eminem and Dr. Dre and later signed in by shady records. The rapper became the world’s best-selling artist after His first major album was produced by the records was a hit known as Get Rich or Die Tying. The ex-boxer was also signed in by Columbia Records before starting his own record in 2003 known as the G-unit where he had the privilege to sign other artists such as Young Buck, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo.

In 2005, his record produced and released his successful album ‘The Massacre’. He has since produced several other albums such as Curtis 2007, Before I Self Destruct 2009, Animal Ambition 2014, and as of today, he has released a new album known as the Street King Immortal.

Other than rapping, 50 Cent has also been an actor where he appeared in films such as get rich or die trying (2005), righteous kill(2008) and also the Iraq War film Home of the Brave (2006), Last Vegas 2013, Vengeance 2014, Spy 2015, Southpaw, 2015, Popstar:Never Stop Never Stopping, 2016, Den of Thieves 2018.

Awards & Achievements

His success in the music industry has made him win several awards including 1 Grammy Award, 6 World Music Awards,11 ASCAP Awards, 16 Billboard R&B/ Hip-Hop Awards, 3 American Music Awards, 6 Vibe Awards, 4 BET Awards, 3 The Source Awards, and 13 Billboard Music Awards and was ranked as the third best rapper and the sixth-best artist in 2000.

50 Cent Salary, Net Worth & Income in 2022

50 Cent Net Worth
50 Cent Net Worth – $30 million

In 2007, 50 Cent was the second wealthiest rapper behind jay-z and has been consistently ranked over the years among the wealthiest celebrities in the US. 8 years later 50 Cent net worth peaked at $155 million in 2015, where most of his fortune has been as a result of selling more than 30 million albums worldwide during his entire career. In 2015, 50 Cent filed for bankruptcy protection, citing debts of $36 Million and assets of less than $20 Million.

The rapper 50 Cent has now achieved his aim and emerged from bankruptcy, paying off debts of more than $22 Million. At the time of writing as of 2022, 50 Cent net worth is about $30 million.

Being a businessman, his first venture was a partnership with Glacéau to create Formula 50, a flavored drink. Since he was the fan of beverages, 50 Cent became a spokesperson and the beverage investor where he was given a minor share in that company in October 2002. Coca-cola purchased that company in 2007 for $4.1 billion and 50 Cent being the minority shareholder got $100 million after taxes were deducted. The rapper also introduced a body spray called Pure 50 RGX after joining Right Guard. 50 Cent made his money by getting involved in increasing HIV awareness by endorsing magic stick condoms.

Other ways through which 50 Cent makes his money are; dealing with Steiner Sports after signing to sell his memorabilia, being the chief fashion designer for brands single pair of Fargo boxers after signing a $7.8 million deal with the brand, investing his earnings of millions of dollars he made from music and Celebrity endorsements over the years where he has stocks, bonds, real estates and private companies among others. The ex-boxer has also considered launching his own line of branded platinum after involving himself in mining and precious metals industries since 2008.


I might have given you a hint on 50 Cent worth which amounts to $30 million and his biography but doesn’t mean you really know the rapper to well. Ask your grandmother about what she knows about 50 Cent and to your surprise she might drop a lyric for you, you don’t believe me ask your mother, and she will tell you the man got shot nine times, destroyed Ja Rule career and the man is a drug dealer. Well apart from those few facts here is some few more facts that you might have never heard if you didn’t read this about 50 Cent.

1. Among his achievements he made a record for himself by becoming the first solo artist in the history of Billboard to own three singles on its top 5 charts on the same week.” Candy Shop” being one of them.

2. At a point in his life, he once considered the best way to deal with Mentor Jam Master Jay is to kill him instead of paying him his $50,000, though he later apologized for those thoughts.

3. Surprise surprise despite of the numerous references on drugs and alcohol 50 Cent has been linked to he doesn’t drink nor smoke. This is so hard to believe I can bet on that but you aren’t alone I don’t believe it too,

4. You probably know the song “How To Rob” he wrote it seated on a car in just 30 minutes

5. Back in his Junior high school 50 Cent shot someone using a pistol to be precise a 380 six-shot pistol that’s after he was confronted by a group of kids who wanted to rob him.

6. 50 Cent Orthopedic surgeon sued him for refusal to pay a service that was amounting to $32,000

7. In 2011, 50 Cent used Twitter to promote a marketing company where he was a shareholder and made $10 million.

8. He has been involved in several accidents including surviving nine bullets after being shot on the face, hand and legs where one of the bullets remained in his lower gum, being stubbed and getting involved in a car accident.

9. In 2011, he founded his own headphone brand known as SMS Audio.

10. He recorded 30 songs in two weeks where most of them were considered as classic by blaze magazine.

His nickname “50 Cent” came as a metaphor for change which was inspired by Kelvin Martin who was a robber. 50 Cent is among the most influential hip-hop artist of all time and despite being raised up in a very unfriendly or rather hostile environment he was determined to succeed. 50 cent net worth which signals his fortune despite the numerous court feuds and even bankruptcy is a reflection of his album Get Rich or Die Trying.



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