George W. Bush was the 43rd president of America who did his two terms between the year 2001 to 2009. Before becoming the president of United States, he was the 46th Governor of Texas in the year 1995 and finished his term in the year 2000.

Bush was one of the most popular and unpopular presidents, and his presidency in general was ranked the worst though his ratings improved when he left office. If you’re wondering what George Bush net worth well stay put and read below and also you will encounter a few things you probably don’t know about George Bush.

Biography & Wiki

George W. Bush Net Worth 2022

George Walker Bush is the son of George Herbert Walker Bush who served as the United States 43rd Vice president between 1981 to 1989 and united states 41st president between 1989 to 1993 and Barbara Bush the former First lady of United States. He was born in 1946 in the state of Connecticut with other four siblings.

George W. Bush started off his education at The Kinkaid School before joining Phillips Academy for his high school studies. Upon graduation, he joined Yale University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in history. He would then join Harvard Business School where he obtained his MBA in 1975.

George W. Bush Personal Life: Affair, Girlfriend, Married, Wife, Children & Family

Bush is a father of fraternal twin Jenna and Barbara and also a husband to Laura Welch whom he married in 1977.

Professional Career

Bush started off his career at Texas Air National Guard where he gave his service to the nation. He was a pilot flying Convair F-102s. He would later move to Alabama Air National Guard where he was suspended for failing to take a physical exam. He was honorably discharged in 1974.

After being discharged, he went to business where he started with Arbusto Energy in 1978 an oil exploration company. He would change the name to Bush Exploration then Merging with Spectrum 7 to form HKN, Inc. in 1989 he invested $500k in purchasing Texas Rangers baseball franchise where he sold his shares in 1998 for $15 million.

Bush involvement with politics kicked off when he ran for House of Representatives for the 19th congressional district of Texas where he lost in 1978. In 1995 he ran for the Texas gubernatorial post which he clinched easily the Republican primary and went ahead to defeat Ann Richards. He became the Governor of Texas between the year 1995 and 2000. He served as the governor for two terms.

In 1999 Bush announced his candidacy for the president of the united states where he would seek a nomination from Republican party alongside other 11 hopefuls. He clinched the Republican nomination and went to the general election as Republican flagbearer. He chooses Dick Cheney as his running mate. They won the elections with 271 electoral votes becoming the 43rd president of America. In 2004 Bush was re-elected again as the president with 286 electoral votes with 50.7 percent. His term as the president ended in 2009.

In his presidency, he had promised a lot of domestic agendas, but the 2001 terrorist attack changed everything and war was waged in countries like Iraq almost world war III. His high ratings at the end of the term had declined to shallow levels.

Today Bush usually keep a low profile, and mostly he is a motivational speaker and engages in authoring books.

Awards & Achievements

From a military man to the governor of Texas then ending up to the highest office becoming the 43rd president of united states that its self is a lifetime achievement.

George W. Bush Salary, Net Worth & Earnings

As of 2021, George Bush net worth currently stands at $40 million. The source of George Bush net worth fortune is from his business investment that has returned huge profits, the fact that he has been a governor of Texas and not forgetting the US president for two terms as well. Today George Bush net worth gets a boost obviously from his pension but the motivational talks he gives since it’s on record he earns around $150,000 per talk. He also earns from authoring books.

6 Facts You Need To Know About George Bush.

George Bush was having been elected by the citizens of United States as their governor and also their 43rd president nearly everyone knows a thing or two about him. He has received praises and in equal measure criticism and condemnation making for his actions as the president which he termed them “in the interest of American people”. Below is a list of things or facts probably you don’t know about George Bush.

1. He is the only U.S president to have earned an MBA degree.

2. He is one of the five presidents to win the election despite losing the popular vote. He won through the electoral college.

3. He has been arrested twice one drunk while driving and during a post-football game celebration.

4. In high school and college, he was a cheerleader.

5. In his first term, he never got to use a Veto and became the first president in over 150 years not to use.

6. He treasures and values a photo he too with ZZ Top.

George Bush net worth shows as much as he was a president he was also a good businessman. Today his approval ratings have improved, and we wish him well in his retirement.

Quick Summary

Rеаl Nаmе/Full Nаmе: George Walker Bush

Аgе: 72 Years, Born on 6 July 1946

Неіght: 6 ft 4 in (193 cm)

Gіrlfrіеnd: N/A

Wіfе: Laura Bush (m. 1977)

Сhіldrеn: Jenna Bush Hager, Barbara Bush

Nеt Wоrth: $40 Million

Ѕоurсе оf Wеаlth: American politician


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