Previously we used to know him as Arab Attack though he changed it to DJ Khaled just after the cowardly attack of 9/11. DJ Khaled is a hip-hop super producer, one of the most successful rappers, an author, a DJ and the CEO of “We the Best Music Group” and “Def Jam South”.

Today the name DJ Khaled has been on everyone’s lips especially recently with the release of his songs “I’m the one” which has gathered so far 800+ million views and “Wild Thoughts” which has gathered 500+ million views on YouTube.

His rise to prominence in the entertainment industry is something spectacular. Considering Dj Khaled has worked with some huge names in what can best be described as the A-list team in the music world, one might wonder exactly what’s DJ Khaled net worth fortune in 2022? Well, below I have stated Dj Khaled net worth and how he has amassed his fortune.

Biography & Wiki

DJ Khaled Net Worth 2022

Real Name/Full NameKhaled Mohamed Khaled
Age43 years, Born on 26 November 1975
Height5ft 6 ½ (168.9 cm)
WifeNicole Tuck
Children Assad Tuck Khaled
Net Worth$50 Million
Source of WealthAmerican record producer, radio personality, DJ, and record label executive

Khaled Mohamed Khaled professionally known as DJ Khaled was born and partially bred in New Orleans, the USA on the 26th of November, 1975. He is acknowledged for being a radio personality, a record label ruler and more so an American DJ. Coming from an Arabian family of Palestine, his folks relocated to the US ahead of his birth. Khaled’s family then dislocated back to their origin, New Orleans by virtue of their financial catastrophe. He was bred as a Muslim and prays everyday to Allah whom he believes in.

DJ Khaled Personal Life: Affair, Girlfriend, Wife, Children & Family

Khaled pursed in a public school known as Dr. Phillips High. Having an affair with Nicole Tuck, (a wardrobe stylist) Khaled married her after being together for a while, and they are blessed with one child, Assad Tuck Khaled who was born on 23 October 2016. Together the family resides in Miami.

Professional Career

Khaled had a passion for melody since he was young as his folks were both musicians and that can explain the interest. They pillared him throughout his career from his tender age making it paltry for him to get into in the music industry. He moiled at the city’s Odyssey record fount for a short time while he was still a teenager and grilled with renowned rap artist like Lil Wayne and Birdman. When Khaled was 13 years old, he started mixing in his garage where his system included a keyboard, turntables, a drum machine, and a mass of records bounding from the Islay Brothers and Parliament-Funkadelic to Sam Cooke and Bob James.

He started his DJ career when one afternoon he paced into the Collins Avenue nightclub and asked if he could deejay there, but his plead was denied since they had another DJ. Khaled pursued Budafuco who was the manager until given a chance where he showed his excellent DJ techniques. Prior to that, he kicked off by being a DJ for a Florida regional station named; Power 96.5 FM.

Khaled launched his first single album, “Listening”(June 2006) which was produced in reach of the Koch records. Khaled prospered after signing in that label as one his album appeared on the series of Billboard Hot chart at no.12. In 2007, he joined “We the Best” label which amassed heavier musicians such as Rick Ross, Plies, and T-Pain, as they appear in his subsequent collection. His album, “Victory” was publicized in 2009 while his fourth exhibit album which featured the likes of Nas, Drake, Snoop Dogg and Ludacris was launched in March 2010. His auxiliary debut “We Takin’ Over” emerged no.28 in the line-up of the Billboard Hot 100; it was approved gold being one of his singles by RIAA. In 2011, Khaled’s track, “I’m On One,” availed drake who had a caterpillar eyebrows which was a bit gawky and more so the track earned him his only Grammy nomination.

With the assistance of his old comrades Rick Ross, Drake and Lil Wayne, he quarterbacked “No New Friends”. “Hold You Down,” is another captivating track that surpassed his own video. The phase Say my name, baby,” which he commands in one of his biggest songs has emerged one of the most recited Khaled occasion.

Other than anchoring the urban-based radio station he is a DJ for the hip hop group of terror squad. Khaled has also assisted in the launching of the popular hip-hop albums including ‘Me, Myself, & I’ by Fat Joe. In 2016 Khaled moved to, ‘Epic for Major Key’ which is a supreme label and recently he was featured in conjunction with other artists like Justine Beiber, in the famous track, “I’m The One” which has been popular in this generation.

Some of Dj Khaled discography include Listennn… the Album 2006, We the Best 2007, We Global 2008, Victory 2010, We the Best Forever 2011, Kiss the Ring 2012, Suffering from Success 2013, I Changed a Lot 2015, Major Key 2016 and Grateful 2017. His trophy cabinet so far comprises of 8 BET Hip Hop Awards, and 3 Ozone Awards

DJ Khaled Salary, Net Worth & Earnings

As of August 2022, DJ Khaled’s net worth is estimated at $50 million as he procured $12 million from his career between 2005 and 2012. Although back then in 2014 he had some financial crunches, which brought about Khaled’s worth to $4.5 million, he has regained his position today as one of the wealthiest DJ and a rapper too. Some of the hits that have made a big chunk of DJ Khaled wealth boost are single’s such as, “How Many Times” that attained the DJ $10 million, Wild Thoughts (2017), I’m the One (2017), among others. which factors his best-known catch remarks is one of his fruitful projects as one is able to buy T-shirts from the site at a cost of $24.99. Khaled’s derivation of income is from his music having released nine albums over a period of 10 years. His six-bedroom, seven bathrooms, the gated Mediterranean-style castle is one of the properties that Khaled owns.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About DJ Khaled

The DJ for Terror Squad group and the president of Def Jam South is one of the popular figures in the entertainment industry. He is the man who doesn’t have so much controversy, and we can say he has achieved a lot in his career. Apart from DJ Khaled worth, what are some of the other facts that you didn’t know about the renowned DJ Khaled:

1. DJ Khaled’s favorite music of all time is “Sexual Healing” by Marvin Gaye.

2. He boasts a lot and one of those exaggerated moves is when he claimed “I Wanna Be With You” a song of his had crashed iTunes servers due to the number of downloads.

3. He normally takes egg whites every day, and this is confirmed by his chef Chef Dee.

4. One of DJ Khaled’s favorite albums of all time is Buju Banton’s Til Shiloh that’s understandable considering he was once a reggae and a dancehall DJ back in Jamaica.

5. He has a closet full of sneakers collection, which is literally full of hundreds of pairs of sneakers. His most favorite above all is Jordan 3.

6. He wishes that he could have met Bob Marley. This is after being very close to Marley’s family and even DJ at some of their events.

7. When DJ Khaled was working at New Orleans record store, he was there when Birdman met Lil Wayne for the very first time. He freestyled at Cash Money Records in front of Birdman and from there that’s hip-hop history.

8. He once won a DJ battle with the renowned DJ Wyclef Jean that was in 2000 at Jamaica. Even today the event is still talked about in the hip-hop circles as it emerged to be grade-A entertainment.

9. He had a total of 118 artists appear on his eight studio albums emerging a neat statistic as it had more bodies than there was in the US Senate.

10. Being talented in many areas, he’s accountable for one of the best behind-the-scenes bloopers in a music video record.

The DJ is known for being an A&R record producer, DJ radio personality, a rapper and a hype man. In inclusion to his career, Khaled is also a motivational speaker. Although it’s easy to scorn DJ Khaled since his side is disguised with his showmanship, he is both an artisan and a performer.

It’s been hard to explain the artistic side of the DJ as he is equated to be like the sun that rises through the clouds and breaks the temperature. That being said the renowned DJs work in studio ranges from coming up with beats to getting abaft the microphone adding enrichment to a song.



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