“One million…a day” was Jack Ma’s reply when his wife asked him how much money his globally famous company, Alibaba, makes.

Who hasn’t heard of Alibaba, the largest internet based company in the world, the company whose IPO is more prominent than Google, Facebook, and Twitter combined!? I bet you all have heard of it. But how many of you know the man behind this brand?

Alibaba group is known by the name Jack Ma. This name needs no introduction in a world where he has proved himself as the one great ambassador. He is China’s charm and everything for its global business.

A man who started off as a temporary English teacher carved himself as a brand. Intrigued? Want to know how Alibaba reached heights without money, without technology, and without a plan? Wondering why Jack Ma chose the name “Alibaba”? Keep on reading to find out more about Jack Ma, his humble beginnings, his tale of success and his net worth as of 2021.

Biography & Wiki

Jack Ma Net Worth 2021

Real Name/Full NameJack Ma Yun
Age54 years, Born on 15 October 1964
Height5 feet 5 inches (1.65 m)
WifeCathy Zhang
ChildrenMa Yuankun, Ma Yuanbao
Net Worth$44 Billion
Source of WealthChinese business magnate, investor, co-founder and executive chairman of the Alibaba Group, and philanthropist.

Jack Ma was born as Mã Yun in Zhejiang, China on October 15th, 1964. He was born at the time of China’s Cultural Revolution. He was a keen learner of English and started studying at an early age. He used to indulge in conversation with English speakers at Hangzhou International Hotel to make himself fluent in the language.

He worked as a tour guide in his area for nine years to practice his English speaking skills. While working as a tourist guide, he befriended many foreigners one of which, nicknamed him “Jack” because he couldn’t pronounce his original name.

Jack Ma struggled to get into a college, and it took him four years to pass the entrance exam. He graduated from Hangzhou Teacher’s Institution with a degree in English in 1988.

Jack Ma Personal life: Affair, Married, Wife, Children & Family

Jack Ma is married to Zhang Ying. They both studied together in Hangzhou Teacher’s University. Jack Ma and Zhang Ying married in the early 1980s and have two children together.

Professional Career

Jack Ma’s story starts with rejections and failures. He applied for 30 various jobs including KFC, police, and also in Harvard business school. He never got placed anywhere until he familiarised himself with the world of internet. He grew curious about how the internet works and so, he launched a website with his friend. As soon as he started his site, emails flooded in from Chinese business people who wanted to know more about him. After receiving such a response, Jack planned to create a company, with his wife and friend.

His company started in April 1995 and created websites for other companies. The company named “China Yellow Pages” gained remarkable fame, earning the US $800,000. He returned to Hangzhou and founded Alibaba. His group of 18 made this “business to business marketplace” site in an apartment. The name Alibaba became a considerable success when it raised over $25 billion in September 2014 on New York Stock Exchange. Jack Ma sits at the chair of the executive chairman of Alibaba group which holds nine significant subsidiaries in it.

Jack Ma’s career is not limited to just business, the world of entertainment also knows him for his talent. He debuted in acting in 2017 with a short film, Gong Dhoy Dao. Jack Ma sang at a festival and also performed as a dancer on Alibaba’s 18th-anniversary celebration.

On Awards & Achievements: Jack Ma is the 30th most powerful person in the world according to an annual ranking by Forbes which came out in 2014. He won Entrepreneur of the Year Award for 2015. According to Fortune, he is on the second place among world’s 50 greatest leaders list, as of 2017. In 2017, a survey by KPMG ranked him third in the global tech visionary survey.

In 2018 he announced that he will step down as the company’s chairman in September 2019.

Jack Ma’s Salary, Net Worth & Earning

As of 2021, The total estimated net worth of Jack Ma is around $44 billion. He owns a six-room apartment in Hangzhou, China, a Branksome penthouse in Hong Kong, a bungalow at Victoria Peak, Hong Kong, and also an 85-hectare vineyard in France. His car collection includes- a BMW 76OLi, Maybach 62S, Roewe RX5 SUV. He owns a private jet Gulfstream 550. He was hailed as the richest man in Asia up till July 2018 before being trumped by India’s Mukesh Ambani. As of 2021, Mukesh Ambani is worth $44.3 billion with Jack Ma close on his heels with $44 billion. How long before our very own Chinese mogul, Jack Ma reclaims his throne?

5 Interesting Facts That You May Not Know About Jack Ma:

A company becomes the king of the e-commercial world without money, without technology, and without a plan! Now the question is how did it happen? Well, it’s easy for us to guess now. It happened because of the one and only, Jack Ma. But this isn’t all to the business icon. Here are a few general yet intriguing facts about Jack Ma which are worth reading!

• He loves dogs, and owns a husky named “Apollo.”

• He loves the movie “Forrest grump.”

•He used to collect crickets in his childhood and made them fight.

• He was kidnapped on his first trip to the U.S.

•His parents were illegal traditional music performers.

Ambition, determination, struggle, hard work are the words which genuinely explain Jack Ma’s life. He has been a man who believed in himself and also inspired others to dream big. He will always be an example for those who are not born with a silver spoon but reach unimaginable heights. To sum it up, all we have to say to the business mogul (with a salute) is, “RESPECT!”


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