Have you ever wondered how wealthy Robert Downey Jr. is? What might be Robert Downey Jr. net worth in 2022 considering he is the sixth highest grossing U.S box office star of all time having surpassed $9.6 billion? Robert Downey Jr. is a United States of America based box office actor, and besides acting, he can sing pretty well too. For three years between 2012 to 2015 Robert Downey Jr. has topped the list of the Hollywood’s highest paid actors earning tens of millions annually.

It will be of interest to you to know that Robert Downey Jr. in each of his films that’s The Avengers, Iron Man 3, Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Age of Ultron in the Marvel Cinematic Universe where he takes the role of Iron Man have grossed over $500 million. Today we shall look at Robert Downey Jr. net worth in 2022 and even dig deeper and uncover for you a few things you probably don’t know about Robert Downey Jr.

Biography & Wiki

Robert Downey Jr. Net Worth 2022

Robert John Downey Jr. is the son of actress Elsie Ann and filmmaker and actor Robert Downey Sr. He was born in1965 in Manhattan and has an older sister by the name Allyson whom they grew up with in Greenwich Village.

He attended Stagedoor Manor Performing Arts Training Center then after the parents divorced moved with his father to California where he joined Santa Monica High School but dropped out later to pursue his acting career. When he was growing up at the age of 6, he was exposed to drugs by his father whom they took together with, and later Downey Jr. became an alcoholic addict which is something that took a toll on his later life.

Robert Downey Jr. Personal Life: Affair, Girlfriend, Married, Wife, Children & Family

Downey first date was an actress by the name Sarah Jessica Parker who left Downey due to his drug addiction problem. In 1992 he married to Deborah Falconer whom he had a son with, but in 2004 they divorced, drugs being the cause of their marriage breakup. In 2005 He married again producer Susan Levin and together they have a son and a daughter.

Professional Career

Downey started off his acting career back when he was a young boy, but it all started in 1983 when he was a cast on the musical American passion. In 1985 he was hired as a cast member of Saturday Night Live, but in 1986 he was dropped together with others due to poor rating. In 1987 things started getting better for him when he was given a role to play on the film Less Than Zero and that marked the beginning of bigger budget films such as Chances Are 1989, Soapdish 1991, The last Party, Only You 1994, U.S. Marshals 1998 among others.

Between 1996 and 2001 Downey drug addiction problem escalated and many times he got arrested for being in possession of heroin, marijuana, cocaine, and even guns. He has been jailed several times the worst one being in 1999.

Downey success came in 2008 when he took the lead role in the film Iron Man 2008, and upon its release, the film grossed $585 worldwide. Due to the film success he was part of the cast in Iron Man sequels Iron Man 2 2010, Iron Man 3, 2013 The Avengers, Avengers”Age of Ultron 2015, Captain America: Civil War 2016, Spiderman: Homecoming 2017 and he was a cast member in Avengers: Infinity War 2018 and an upcoming untitled Avengers film in 2020.

Singing Career

As a singer, Robert Downey Jr. released his debut studio album titled The Futurist in 2004 and it debuted to position 121 on Billboard 200 chart.

Awards & Achievements

On awards & achievements received by Robert Downey Jr, he has won 1 BAFTA Award, 2 Golden Globe Awards, 1 Kids’ Choice Award, 1 MTV Movie Award, 5 People’s Choice Awards, 3 Saturn Awards, 1 Golden Globe Awards, and 1 Screen Actors Guild Award.

Robert Downey Jr. Salary, Net Worth & Earnings

As of July 2022, Robert Downey Jr. net worth is estimated to be around $350 million. In 2012 to 2015 Robert Downey Jr. was the highest paid actor, and currently, he is the sixth highest paid actor taking home around $48 million. The source of Robert Downey Jr, net worth is his earnings from the numerous films he has been part of. In total it’s reported that all his films have grossed over $9.6 billion making him the sixth highest grossing box office star in the United States.

7 Facts You Need To Know About Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. isn’t a new name to us considering he has been on the words top grossing films such as Iron Man, The Avengers and at one time taking the throne as the highest paid actor before relinquishing the seat to the Rock. He has won the hearts of many with his outstanding performances especially on Marvel based films, and today we are going to look at a few things you probably don’t know about Robert Downey Jr.

1. Though he is yet to win an Oscar, he was nominated for one in the Academy Award for best actor in the film Chaplin 1992.

2. When he was a child, he moved a lot due to the nature of his father’s job. He stayed at New York, Paris, London, Connecticut and many other places.

3. His very first job was to bus tables and working in a shoe store.

4. It was his father who introduced Downey to drugs.

5. The thing that helped Downey in overcoming drug addiction is Wing Chun a form of Kung Fu.

6. Back in 2008, he detained by the Japanese officials who restricted him from entering Japan, but after six hours he was allowed with a condition he will never return again.

7. To be part of Iron Man and to take the lead role he had to gain 30 pounds of muscle so that he could look like a man who can forge an iron.

Robert Downey Jr worth is a clear indication of how good he is in what he does best. For those who are into drugs let his life be a teaching to you since drugs can ruin your life completely.

Quick Summary

Rеаl Nаmе/Full Nаmе: Robert John Downey Jr.

Аgе: 57 Years, Born on 4 April 1965

Неіght: ‎5ft 8in (173 cm)

Gіrlfrіеnd: N/A

Wіfе: Susan Downey (m. 2005), Deborah Falconer (m. 1992–2004)

Сhіldrеn: Indio Falconer Downey, Exton Elias Downey, Avri Roel Downey

Nеt Wоrth: $350 Million

Ѕоurсе оf Wеаlth: American actor, Film producer, Composer and singer


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